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Odessa College - Saulsbury Campus Center

Books in the Basin 2016


Jeramey Kraatz

Author of The Cloak Society series from Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins, Kraatz's writing has previously appeared in places like Salon, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Gizmodo, and Though Catalog.

Jeramey grew up in Odessa, Texas, studied advertising and English at TCU, and graduated from the MFA program at Columbia University where he studied nonfiction writing. He's worked as a snow-cone maker, barista, mannequin dresser, and intern in the editorial department at Marvel Comics. When not writing about superpowers, he teaches writing and sometimes works with cartoons.

He likes bad horror movies, comic books, cheese boards, and music that sounds like laser pistols.


Saturday, April 9

Jeramey Kraatz12:30PM
238E - Game Room - Saulsbury Campus Center

Book Signing2:30PM
127 - CC Dining - Saulsbury Campus Center

Literary Death Match7:00PM
n/a - Rose Building


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