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Books in the Basin 2016


Ron Bates

Ron Bates never worried about finding monsters under the bed. He counted on it. In his world, monsters are everywhere--in bedrooms and classrooms and football stadiums--and, more often than not, they’re doing something funny. He wrote about them in his middle-grade novel How To Make Friends and Monsters, and the sequel, How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots. His other works include several children’s plays, a comic-book series, and a disturbingly large number of poems about robots, aliens and wedgies. A humor columnist and former journalist, Ron lives and works in the Dallas area.


Saturday, April 9

Ron Bates9:30AM
238E - Game Room - Saulsbury Campus Center

Book Signing12:00PM
127 - CC Dining - Saulsbury Campus Center


  • "How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots"
  • "How to Make Friends and Monsters"

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